A little more about me!

There are a few new faces around here so I thought I’d re-introduce myself! I’m Paola, and I’m the owner and photographer behind Kelani Photography

A few years ago, my husband and I sold our automotive business of 25 years, and it was from there that my creative side really blossomed

Photography had always been a huge passion of mine, and when I found myself with more time and energy to pour into it, my humble little studio was born.

Kelani Photography is all about capturing connection; whether that’s between parents, children, partners, friends, colleagues, and more. The greatest connection for me, however, is the one that I get to share with my client. My motivation is to help people tell their story through imagery, and being a part of that is what makes photography feel like home to me

Those of you who have had a shoot with me and seen me in action will know what I mean — I have so much fun doing what I do!

Quick-Fire Get To Know Me

I have lived on the Gold Coast most of my life

I’m married to my high school sweetheart

The name “Kelani” comes from the first two initials of each of my three kids’ names! They’re the reason I picked up my camera all those years ago

My background is Italian and I am fluent in the language (it’s my first language!)

My favourite place for a photoshoot is by the beach at dusk

I am addicted to licorice chocolate bullets!

I have never drunk a cup of coffee

I am fascinated by old people and their backgrounds! I’m always wondering what they looked like when they were younger and what sort of life they had!

I LOVE working with children and even part-time teach at a school

My favourite way to start each day is with a gym workout before the sun rises!

Family Photography, It’s my mission to capture your story. Our studio overlooks a peaceful evergreen setting a ambience to make you feel comfortable.